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Jennifer continued until the count was twenty. She stopped and held the paddle in front of her and bowed her head. Realizing that the paddling was over with the whip mistress raised up and rubbed her bright red buttocks. It had been an obviously sufficent spanking from the tears and sobbing. She then took the paddle and hung it back on the rack. After that, still rubbing her bright red butt she walked over and wrote something else in the notebook. She then put her clothes back on."You did well. I think you may be trainable as a slave maid," she said, wiggling a bit to keep her tight pants from putting too much pressure on the sore areas.Jennifer wondered what would happen next. She never in her wildest fantasies expected to be asked to spank another person. Although the feeling of revenge was good her arms also ached. Fleetingly she had some feeling of compassion for those who had whipped her. The feeling, however, was brief lived."Here is a book about sexual techniques. I want you to. I did what you said. Jenny waited, hoping for something romantic or exciting to happen. She was hoping for some comforting words to relax her. She could feel the presence of somebody and was hoping to hell it was Joe.She felt some movement. Somebody had tied a rope from the handcuffs binding her hands to the rungs at the bottom of her chair. With her hands cuffed behind her and tethered to the bottom of the chair she could not stand. Although she was alarmed, she had been prepared for this much. When Joe did not respond with some kind of comforting voice, she became more alarmed.Soon Jenny felt some hands on her back. The hands were huge and rough. Was this Joe? She didn't remember his hands before. Jenny tingled all over. The hands moved to her neck. They massaged her neck and then her shoulders. It was comforting. She hadn't had a massage in years. It was also menacingly alarming. She had not heard any words of comfort and certainly nothing to assure her it was Joe. Slowly, Jenny.
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