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But, unfortunately, I didn’t get any opportunity to go any further. One day we were alone in the office as everybody else was away for one reason or the other. She was working on the computer and I was sitting behind her watching her lustily- her feet, her neck, her ass, giving me a terrible hard-on. Suddenly, Suman turned around and said, “Sir, please take a look if this is OK”. I got up and walked up to her, right behind her, bend down to look at the screen. But my dick was bulging hugely under my pant. Suddenly, she turned around and her eyes met my bulge, as I was right behind her- just a couple of inches away. She looked amazed at my bulge and stared at it for a few moments and then straight into my eyes. I got the signal, though a bit unclear. I bent down over her almost touching my bulge on her shoulder to make a correction on the statement she was preparing. She was holding the mouse; I put my hand on hers’ and moved the mouse through her mouse. She didn’t try to remove her. You looked like you were going to murder somebody.” I snatched back my earphones and said, “Haha, laugh all you want, you are lucky that I didn’t punch in the face.” “Oh please. You couldn’t punch this beautiful face of mine because you so looove me,” she said giggling. She didn’t know how close home she was, I so loved her but I knew that if I told her right now I would mess up things with her.“So what you were listening to,” she said snatching back the earphones forcefully. I gave a silent prayer thanking my brother who insisted I buy the Bluetooth earphones. “Damn, I thought you were listening to Zimdancehall or that sungura shit, I never pegged you as that type of guy that listens to Rap,” she remarked as she started to sing along to Meek Mill’s With the shits. Thank God, the librarian wasn’t in or else she would have thrown out Meg.I couldn’t help but stare at her as she perfectly sang along to Melil’s Spanish lines. She was simply breathtaking. I could already picture myself.
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