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Impetuous, he knocked on Savita’s door.“It’s about your mother. A strange man. In her room.” He said to Savita who came out wearing Tarun’s t-shirt. Savita looked tired and sweaty but that didn’t stop her from pushing Uncle Ji aside and running to check her mother.Savita rushed into Menaka’s and barged in. Her eyes almost popped out when she realized her mother was getting rammed like a slut by Varun.“And just why not!? Think I can’t still pull a man” Menaka growled at Savita pushing off Varun of her naked body. She grabbed the blanket and wrapped herself. Varun was scared, very quietly he wore his pant as the mother-daughter quarrel went on.Both the twins, shirtless and horny, stared at them arguing. But Menaka wouldn’t stop till she got what she wanted. She walked towards the brothers and grabbed one of them by their hand. What she didn’t know was she had grabbed Tarun instead of Varun!Savita who was furious now grabbed Varun. Neither of the women realized that they got the wrong. Christ, she wore no panties, the fact resulting abuse for my lower lip, my teeth pressing anxiously into it. A moment later, she was stepping out of her jeans, turning as she reached to undo her bra. She stalked toward me, her steps slow and sultry, determined. She stepped over her bra once it fell from her shoulders, her full, pendulous breasts exposed, hard pink nipples seeming to beckon his fingers, his mouth. She was absolutely gorgeous, stunning in her rubenesque glory. She reminded me of a Goddess, caught in late-morning sunshine. I didn't take long for me to get undressed as she approached, my clothes piled messily on the cushion beside me. My cock twitched something fierce, its ripe and engorged head dripping precum. "Mmmm," she uttered as she kneeled before my seated form, as if she'd been offered a feast. "Look at that big fucking cock . . . it can't wait to get inside of mommy's pussy, huh?" She teased, inching closer between my legs, her heavy breasts.
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