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" Would you prefer to discuss this with the police?" I asked sternly."Discuss what? I don't know what the hell ya'll are talkin' 'bout. What the hells goin' on here? I ain't done nuthin'" The thing that caught my attention was your daughter Natalie stealing an item from the store. We have video camera records of her theft. As is standard procedure I asked if you wanted me to handle this or you wanted the police called. You said you would rather it be handled in-store. I uncovered evidence of other serious crimes while investigating that theft. These other crimes involve you and are much more serious than mere shoplifting. I am going to show you videos of my conversations with both Suzan and Natalie. After you watch these we will discuss what will happen next."I then clicked the remote which started the clips I had prepared running. I fast forwarded each clip to the discussion of the abuse. First, the in-store incident, you know, the one that showed her slapping Susan. Then Susan's. They were a wild, ecstatic turn-on. On our second date, she allowed me to fondle her ample bronze breasts. We were making out furiously on our third date. I seemed to making serious progress. I was stroking the inside of her massive thigh when she said, "Baby kiss me down there." Well, she didn't need to twist my arm. I got down there in a hurry. But as soon as I began she said, "No baby, not that hole, the other one."Looking up I said, "Are you serious?" She said, "Babycakes, I got a angel hole and a devil hole. And I'm feelin' devilish tonight."I was reluctant. I'd never done this before. But my dick was so hard you could've hung a bucket of beer on it. So I moved from the angel to the devil, from the front yard to the back yard and I was surprised when I arrived, for it was a very nice neighborhood. I liked it. It smelled nice. She must have powdered it. I felt comfortable there. I pushed my lips against that sweet pink anus and kissed it gently, tenderly. I thought of it as a.
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