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”“I don’t think you’ll have a hard time with that,” Katherine told her. “Most of us already see you as one of our sisters, and have been waiting for Master to claim you. We just have to convince Master’s new pets, and I’m sure they will agree shortly after meeting you. We should get back to the party though, as I know Master has other people waiting to dance, and it would be rude to keep them waiting.”I spent the rest of the reception dancing and enjoying the thanks of the retired ponies. News of my changes at the Stables had already spread, and they were all grateful. Many of them had friends and daughters who were active ponies and the changes would make their lives far better.As sundown came, I rounded up my pets and congratulated James and Cadence one last time. Michel volunteered to take Amanda, Elizabeth and Sarah back to the pens so the other trainers could stay and enjoy the rest of the party. After some final goodbyes to Sophia and Paige, we got into the trolley and set out. Her excitement was too much to bear now as she reached her hands down sliding the thong to one side as she expertly held her pussy lips apart with one hand while sliding a finger, then two on the other hand into her tight pussy canal. As she did she slid her thumb up and bit down on her lips with her eyes closed as she felt her nerve endings sending small pulses scattering through her gorgeous young body as her thumb now brushed her swollen clit. The motions increased and she could feel the excitement building up inside her body, her nerve endings now on fire. If the men wouldn’t, or couldn’t satisfy her needs then she knew she would just have to do it herself!She was moaning softly with her eyes closed and didn’t hear the movement in the attic above her room. Uncle Tom, now scruffy and unshaven couldn’t get his niece out of his mind and was determined to see her again tonight as he peered through the spyhole down into her room. He watched with incredulous delight at the sight.
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