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‘Is he asleep?’ I had continued my measured breathing, and hadn’t moved. My finger was still buried inside Julie’s vagina. ‘Yes.’ said Julie. ‘What’s up?’ I could feel her pull the covers up even further around her neck. She also pulled her feet in, making a tent with her knees, in case Christie could see through the gloom the contour of my hand between her legs. ‘Kyle just called me.’ said Christie. ‘He’s been kicked out of his place again. He wants to know, now that Dean’s gone, if he could move in here with me?’ ‘He got kicked out again? Shit! Doesn’t he ever pay his rent?’ said Julie. ‘He pays some.’ said Christie. ‘Here he could pay less. Besides,’ she added archly, ‘you can afford to give me this since I already pay more than half the rent.’ ‘You knew about that?’ said Julie, and they laughed. ‘I don’t know, maybe it would be okay. What do you see that punk anyway?’ Christie replied, ‘He’s nice, he’s funny, he has a big penis, he’s punctual…what else do you want to know?’. App bohot hi acchi lagti hein jub woh karti hein” ………. pehle to mujhe samaj me nahi aya isliye meine pucha ki “jub mein kya kari hu ?”usne haskar kaha ki ” wahi jo aap nangi ho kar nachne lagti hein aur fir woh apne chut mein ghusati hein ” tub mein heran ho gayi . maine thodi der rukkar pucha ki tumhe kaise pata hey.usne kaha ki jaha vo kam karta hein us ghar ki balcony se mera room saaf saff dikhta hein …. mein sharma gayi …to woh kehne laga ” aarey malkin ab kya sharmana aap mujhe bulla lijiya kariye mein aapki shayata bahut acche se karonga ” mein ye sun kar sharma gayi fir mene socha ki ab isko sub malum hi hey to fir ek idea suja .. maine socha ke vaise bhi mom dad ghar pe nahi he aur bai so rahi hein to maine usko kaha sharma kar ke ” pathoji mujhe abhi bhi mudud chahiye” usne katora niche rakha aur mere karib aakar apna hath jald se mere chut pur rakha aur ghisane laga aur bola ” malkin edhar ” ………. mujhe voh acha laga aur boli hain odhar aur aur bhi jago par ……. to fatak se.
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