Wife Exchange Season 1 Episode 3

I could tell from her expression when he brought up the idea that she was very interested, but she held off making any decision, saying she wanted to think about it for a while. It had been more than just a home to her and Jackie, and she felt that selling out would be the final acknowledgement of her mother’s departure from her world.Jimmy tended bar during my nightly shows. He’d never done it before, but he was a quick study and he was soon whipping out mixed drinks and pulling glasses of beer like a pro. He wouldn’t accept a penny for his time.I was curious to know his motivation for staying, since the woman he loved and wanted to marry was no longer in the equation. He said, “I’ve been planning to quit the trucking business for a long time, but I don’t want to sit around on my ass watching soap operas. When I sat at the bar talking to Jackie and saw how nearly all the people who came in were like family to her, I guess I fell in love with the idea of being a part of it. I really. I found that out the hard way. Molly obviously thought she was home by herself. She had no idea that I was down in my basement office catching up on some lost work. I needed a break and headed upstairs to the kitchen to grab a drink and a lite snack before dinner. When I entered, there was my daughter Molly, totally naked, closing the refrigerator door. I was in shock and did nothing but stare. Molly, however, was in more shock than I was as she froze into place and dropped the full pitcher of iced tea on the floor. There she just stood, her bare feet mixing with the puddle of tea.Surprising each other was the reason I could do nothing but stare. I know she was more surprised than I was though. Once she realized what had actually happened, Molly went running to her room. And what kind of father was I to just stand there watching her nakedness run out of the room? A curious one I realized.My daughter, I had to admit, was growing into a very lovely young woman. It was the first time I.
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