Excited Jumping On A Dick

“Whether, my daughter, my wife, my sister or my lover, I’ll love her until I die, Claire-Bear.”I looked over and saw the Moms asleep in each other’s arms - we may be a somewhat non-traditional family, but there is no loss of love between the five of us.A voice came on: “This is your Captain speaking, we’ll be landing in fifteen minutes, where it is twelve noon local time. Everybody, get in their own seat for landing, that includes you Charles!”We all laughed at the pointed remark from our Captain.I saw Sarah get her phone out and make a quick phone call after she buckled herself in.We landed.After I helped the ladies down the exit stairs, I went over to Captain Price, and said, “We’re scheduled to stay here for a week, but I wouldn’t doubt that I’ll be antsy to get home after a couple of days. I want to thank you and your co-pilot for a smooth and bump-free flight and landing. We’ll contact you for scheduling our trip back to the states - thanks again,” We shook hands and left.A. It felt so great, the complete change of her posture meant I was touching bit of her pussy that were a little more sensitive, I could tell from the sudden change in her moans from soft and welcoming to fierce and passionate. She pulled and pulled at her bonds trying to get closer to me but was only able to move a little and use her stomach muscles and hips to grind against me.I took advantage of the moment and grabbed her tits firmly making her scream in approval and even more so when I pinched her nipples really hard.I pushed into her as much as I could but I was in no rush to get my gun off this time, so I relaxed a bit and teased my Mom after my initial roughness. I couldn't tell you which she liked more but she was certainly enjoying herself as much as I was."Sweetie, I'm going to cum again." She whimpered and moved the little that she could closer to me, impaling herself on my rod even more.I had thought about this for a little while and decided now was good for me. I had tied a.
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