Kamasutra – The Pleasure Of Sensual Living – Episode 2

”“You left pretty early,” I pointed out.“I had to finish prepping a presentation before my morning class. Should have worked on it last night but didn’t feel like it after… um,” Tonia paused, then finished, “You know.”She winked.“How are you feeling? About, you know?” I asked, winking back.Tonia sighed and answered, “A bit confused, but good.”“Confused how?”“I’m just not sure where we stand,” she told me, “Are we still ‘just friends’ or does this move us to another plane?”“Same as me, then.”“I see my instructor. We can talk tonight,” Tonia said, starting to get up.“I have an evening class so it will be late.”“That’s cool. I won’t be in bed too early anyway. Got lots of work to do.”Tonia walked away towards her group. I watched my friend go, admiring the gentle rocking of her large, shapely bum. Thoughts of what my friend’s ass would feel like under my fingers danced in my head. Then I got up and walked to the showers.No one else was in the shower, so I played with my dick a bit as. They have no choice. They managed to stave it off for a month but it’s over now.”“Is there anything I can do?” Phil asked.“No, I ... I knew this was happening,” she said. “It just hit me harder than I expected it to. Everyone ... everyone has their own problems and I didn’t know where else to go. I didn’t know who else I could turn to. You were always ... you always were there for me. God, I am so sorry, Phil. I hate myself for hurting you. I can’t believe I caused you so much pain when you’ve been nothing but great to me.”“It’s over,” Phil said. “Let’s move on to how to fix this.”“We can’t fix this,” Tiffany said sadly.“You can stay with me during the summer,” Phil offered.Tiffany pulled back and looked up at him, her tear-stained cheeks glistening.“I thought you knew,” she said. “I’m going to be in the city. I got a job with the Convention Center in their marketing department. We’re all going to be there. Hailey, of course, you know about. That guy we met at dinner called Katelyn.
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