Desi Couple Doing Sex Session

" At this rate there ain't gonna be no next one," he answered. "Too much more of this shit an' I'm gone." It sounds to me like you have some growing up to do yourself, Lee Roy," Milt told him in a stern voice. "You made that baby. Now it's your responsibility to make the best of things and take care of your child. Think about that instead of how your feelings get hurt." Milt looked on family as being just slightly more important than God."Aw hell, Milt, I guess you're right. But it sure is hard on a man to have to live with someone who can't even think straight. Last night she was fryin' me a steak an' onions and she started to puke. She said th' grease smell was botherin' her." He shook his head and took a bite of his sandwich. They spent the rest of the noon meal in silence.That evening when Lee Roy got home, Cassie sat in wait for him on the front porch. Her face was very tearful and sad. "Lee Roy, Daddy says he's goin' to come an' take me home. He's mean drunk and ... there he is,. But I’m not talking about me. Oh no, no, no. I’m talking about you. You know exactly what I’m talking about. You know why you’re watching this video, and you know what I’m going to make you do. But first, let’s make sure those balls are completely full”The voice was going to tell him how big the load was going to be, and how badly he wanted to eat it. It would tell him to wait until the countdown, which was 13 minutes away. “Assume the position”, the voice would say when the time came to accomplish the deed, to finally release straight into his waiting mouth.Through the darkness came a soft caress. Her wife’s supple, heavy breasts against his thighs, moving up lightly against his shaft. She wasn’t wearing the suit. She was completely naked while a voice in the room told her husband to eat his own cum. Her warm mouth pressed against his. She spat in his mouth and her tongue dove in swirling around his. “Start stroking” the voice said. “Slowly at first; you’re not cumming now. First we.
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