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The head works its way in suddenly, and he sobs weakly into the bed. Time stops, for just a few moments, as Stanley slides his cock the rest of the way in. Xavier struggles to regain his breath. Stanley lets his out, relieved as he sinks into the tight heat of his virgin ass.“Hey,” Stanley mumbles from somewhere behind him. “It's okay. That's all of it. That's it.”“You're so big,” Xavier whispers, almost in awe. “I can't. It won't...”“It will.” He's already reaching for the remainder of the oil. “I promise. We can stop any time, okay?”Xavier only forces out a noise in response, hiding his face once again. He's too overwhelmed to ask to continue, and too prideful to say stop. He's well and truly stuck.Stanley ignores the swell of pride in his gut and pulls back slowly, oiling up the length of his cock until it drips onto the bedding. Slow once again, he pushes back into Xavier. Part of him can't wait to just fuck with unashamed abandon, but he silences it as soon as it occurs to him.. He was snuggled into the pillows feeling very comfortable in sweatpants, warm socks and a T-shirt, and he'd just finished the first chapter in the book when there was a knock on his door. Of course, the first thing that crossed his paranoid mind was the police, but he managed to suppress his fear. He took out his ear buds and laid the MacBook aside. When he opened the door, he was relieved to see Jennie standing there."Hi, Errol!" Hi, Jennie. What's up?"She looked a little stressed. "Um, I really hate to ask this of you, but Al started feeling sick about an hour ago and now he's having some pain in his chest. I called his son and he's coming to pick him up to take him over to the hospital. I came to ask if you could finish out the evening shift for him. I mean, I could do it, but Valerie didn't come in today and that means I'd be there by myself. So, could you? Please?" Of course I can! Just give me a minute to get dressed and I'll be right over. Jeez, I hope Al's okay. Does he have a.
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