Malkin Ne Naukar Ko Fsake Apni Hawas Puri Ki Aur Moch Aane

, discretion is important to me. I'm Aussie Speedo Guy, I'll keep your secret if you promise to keep mine." Cya at 9pm" was the reply I received less than a minute later.Wow!!! I was going to fuck, or be fucked by the swim coach. That night. I was lying in bed with a monster erection, how was I going to last the eleven hours until Aiden was due?I jumped out of bed, quick bathroom break and ran down the beach and jumped in the ocean. I had to wait a minute so there wasn't anyone walking too close because the front of my speedo was being stretched. The swim cooled me a down a little bit. I spent the day working, went for a run, had a surf with the boys (my straight friends who have no idea that I am Aussie Speedo Guy), had a light dinner and then it was nine o'clock. I had managed to contain my erection for the eleven hours.Everything was ready; the house was tidy, the curtains were drawn, I had condoms and lube out and when the door bell rang, I opened it wearing only the black. "Johnny winced at not-so-fond memories of customers trying to refund a toy after a weekend of pleasure. Whatever the hell this metal thing was, at least it did not seem like something that had been in the stranger's butt. It looked like some kind of... gravy boat? No, an oil lamp, like something you'd see on an antiques show. Maybe it was some kind of a fancy bong, Johnny could never fully comprehend the more complicated paraphernalia in the store."No returns. This is for you. For you!" He emphasized the final word with a dramatic flourish, pointing his bony finger at Johnny & trembling furiously.Johnny was more than a little freaked out, & fairly positive that a criminal and/or sorceror had just dropped a major piece of evidence for some unknown crime into his life. He knew that if he didn't act fast he could easily end up the final ingredient in a hobo priest's ritual sacrifice.Just then, there was a great whooshing of wind & the sound of the back door slamming shut. Johnny whipped.
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