"That's called your g-spot," my pilot friend explained. "It's one of the female human's most intense pleasure centers. I am specially trained to bring exquisite pleasure to g-spots." Then his tongue licking moved outward. I felt a little flap of my new human flesh roll to one side of me, as his tongue touched a hard little button of flesh and nerve endings I didn’t know that I have. I jumped about a foot off the bed, and then landed back on my ass with a soft little plop onto the mattress."I just introduced you to your clitoris. It's the single most divine pleasure center of the female human." “Mmm,” I moaned. “And you say that, even after you do to a clitoris what you just did to mine, your Earth females still don’t worship you as their king?” “Sadly, no.” “Your human females must be very stupid?” “A few of them pride themselves on being dumb as a door post. And some of our males prefer their females that way.” “Your human customs are so strange to me. So tell me, what do you humans. Her wet hair was tied up with her towel, which was soaked wet with the water, and droplets of water were rolling off from her hair on to her face, neck and shoulders.It was evident that she’d not toweled herself dry fully, as her white petticoat was damp at places and clung to her young ripe body seductively.“Jignesh bhaiyaaa...” she squealed excitedly at the sight of me, and ran towards me. For a moment I was scared that she’d not mind her surroundings and embrace me openly in front of her parents. But she checked herself just in time, and as she reached me, she grabbed hold of both my hands and shook it enthusiastically, her beautiful white teeth gleaming as she smiled brightly. As she pirouetted on her toes and jumped up and down excitedly, I couldn’t help but notice the way her firm young budding breasts shook under white petticoat.I was embarrassed by the open affection she was displaying for me here in her own house in front of her parents, and I had to pull my eyes away from.
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