Emily Willis

Theirs was just a single splash and nothing like the cascade that you sent back towards them. I saw what happened and their splash was very small and not aimed at you, whereas your response was aimed at them and was massive in comparison.”Dale hadn’t seen exactly what happened but did see Amber coughing away, and had much more sympathy for her than for the newcomers. She then looked towards Lucy and Gemma and saw them making signals to each other which clearly showed they were very unhappy.Gemma was the first to respond and she glared at the two newcomers and said, “That is exactly what we do not expect. Us teenagers can be a little bit more exuberant and you have to accept that, but we do not have to accept the kind of reprisals that you’ve just given, at least not without penalising you.”Edna pulled a face and replied sarcastically, “What, are you going to give us a slap on the wrist then?”Gemma replied very sternly, “No, not a slap on the wrist. We have rules here and a system for. "It's going fine." I pumped a little calmness into him, and he visibly settled down. "Sit on the sofa," I told him. "Mom will join you there. Melissa and I will sit on the love seat."Mom returned soon. She sat next to Stu, just as I had said. She'd changed clothes, putting on a loose skirt an a light silk blouse which was slightly transparent. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath it, and the darkness of her nipples was faintly visible. She had let her hair hang loose, as well. Looking at her, I could appreciate how sexy she really was. Her conversation now was directed almost entirely towards Stu, Melissa and I contributing little, but watching intently.It was clear that the pattern I'd set in motion was already starting to work. Mom felt as if she were in a dream, her usual qualms and inhibitions fading. She leaned towards Stu, her breasts swaying visibly under her blouse, and put a hand on his knee, laughing at a joke he'd made. He was getting caught up as well, no longer paying.
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