Tantra Learned From Tamil Masters

I followed her. She made some conversation as she put groceries in the fridge."Aren't you forgetting something?" I asked firmly. She looked at me with wide eyes as she realized I was not k**ding. I kept my stone cold face. "...right...now?" yes, right now, first thing you should have done". She let out a small sigh, and looked down. She began to undo the buttons on her dress, until it was open top to bottom, and then took it off and folded it carefully on the stool. She had a huge black sateen bra on, and a long black underskirt. The bra hooked in the front, and there were at least eight or ten hooks. The thing had to be custom-made. She undid one by one. With each one that was undone, her boobs moved a bit, until, at the instant the last one was unhooked, they heavily plopped out. She took it off her shoulders and proceeded to take the underskirt off, revealing granny-style black bottoms. She bent over and took them off as well. Last, she stepped out of the black shoes. "go put that. Most of all, don’t hang around to watch your handiwork either. Understand?”They all nodded. Billy Ray thanked him for going to all the trouble, then helped haul everything out to the truck. Ahead of them lay their first experience with cross burning and if that went off okay, maybe an invite to join the Klan.The plan had called for them to pick up the cross and stuff before dark so they could get to Williams’ place and finish the job well before midnight. At the meeting in his office, Mr. Jack had said Shelby Williams and his wife would be at some country club party that wasn’t supposed to break up ’till about then. That meant there should be plenty of time, with some to spare.The plan quickly ran into trouble. The problem was no one figured on the condition of Howard Lee’s old pick-up, or that, it being his truck, he’d insist on driving, or on his lousy sense of direction.None of them had ever been out to Hardaway’s place before. The old, frame house was tucked away at the end of a.
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