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She'd come to watch Joe for awhile now. She'd found out where he was working from his parents. He had a construction job and was currently on the roof of their current project, hammering away at the shingles. He looked good. Very fit, not much different at 23 then he had at 18 when they were together.She'd followed him for awhile now like an unseen spy satellite in the sky. She followed him home, a nice condo, good for a bachelor. There was no sign of any woman's things in his apartment, he never called anyone or got calls from anyone other then a work mate and his parents. He mostly just sat in his chair, watched TV or played video games. He had a golden retriever to keep him company. Socializing was a few beers with the work crew during happy hour every Friday.Today was the day she made contact. Olivia flew over to a building near the work site and slowly lowered herself down to an alley. She opened her travel bag and got changed."Holy shit! I'm in love," said a construction. .. but it didn’t kill him.This is where the burn bags go ... not the contents ... just the bags ... to be issued when called for. They ... the bags ... come by trolly and left at the door. The numbered bags are empty. They have been searched by men ‘on their way up’ and searched by men ‘on their way down.’ One of the ways to become an ‘up’ is to find something missed by an up ... and have the video to prove it.He takes each bag from the trolly, and in a perverse way ... turns it upside down and gives it a little shake ... and chuckles ... Thirty four years ... yes ... he is just a little mad. Thirty four years.He takes each bag and hangs it on the hook with the correct number, tidies up, turns and locks the door and makes his way out of the basement. Thirty four years.He has always been the last to ride the elevator to the lobby, he steps across the blue circle with the white eagle and out the door.He works for the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY and he is a minion. A company man with a.
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