Abe Gadhe Kichen Me Hi Chodo Ge Kya

She was smiling. He stood up and slipped his trousers down. Vikki reached forward and released his cock from his briefs. It was about 6 inches long and his balls hung low beneath it. Vikki swallowed his cock in one swoop. I was wanking myself like mad. "Keep it up, I’m going to cum soon," David said.I then suddenly heard voices from the house coming down the garden. I pulled up my pants, stepped out to the path and started to shout for Vikki. By the time I slowly got round to where they were, both were walking back up to me. David was quite clear eyed but Vikki’s bra strap was still off her shoulder and she was very blearly eyed."Ah there you are, "I said. "Time to go home dear" "Thanks for looking after her David, you should pop round some time and visit us and we can crack open a few cans." Yeh, that would be great," He responded."You would like to see David again, wouldn’t you Vikki?" Yessss," She mumbled.We called a cab and got home about 20 minutes later. Vikki talked away but. He then pushed me against the wall and kissed me on the lips; feeling another man's lips on mine was a new sensation but I quickly got used to it and kissed him back, our tongues probing each other's mouths. Chris had his hands around my back and I felt his fingers slipping under my waistband and rubbing my ass over the satin knickers, murmuring "good little slut" to me as he pushed his groin harder against mine, letting me feel his hard cock pressing against my own. Chris led me to the front room and having shut the curtains ordered me to take off my clothes, except the underwear; I did as instructed, my cock was solid and was fighting to break free of the knickers. Once undressed, Chris sat back and told me to kneel between his legs. As I did, he undone his trousers slightly and released his gorgeous cock from them. His balls were shaven and his pubic hair trimmed and as I looked he told me to suck him off like the dirty whore I was. As I licked at his balls and then took his cock.
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