Kriti Sanon - Bollywood Diva

”When I looked over at Ronnie, I could tell he wasn’t super happy, though. I got up from the bench and walked over to one of my favorite receivers and asked, “Are you okay with this, Ronnie?”“I’m happy that you’re getting a chance at those scholarships and that TV gig, Mike. It’s just that ... now, I’ve gotta play F-ing quarterback in the biggest game of my life!”“You’ll do a great job, Ronnie,” I offered as I squeezed his right shoulder. “I’ll be at practices to give you as much help as I possibly can.”“God, Mike. Just get over to Western as soon as possible after your performance so we can get back to our normal selves, ‘kay?” Ronnie sighed as Coach came over to hear what we were saying.“We’ll split the reps at these next couple of practices, guys. Geoff, you’ll be moving into Ronnie’s receiver spot, and Chris, you’ll be taking Mike’s safety position on defense. Both of you guys have to get your heads screwed on right to handle things in this championship game, okay?”“Yes,. Besides, I thought we'd get less distraction from others so we could enjoy our honeymoon, but getting you to wake up after the fight with Cain and Able took most of our time..." He makes a halfcocked face as he stares at the ground “That’s right… I remember now… a group of men busted in after we said our vows… But… that’s all I remember…”"Yea, well... that was a week ago..." He frowns softly “A week? What happened Shan? Why was I out a week?”"I kind of... um... knocked you out... I didn't want you to see me like that..."“A week…” she bites her lip, hiding a smile “You knocked… your pregnant wife… on her ass… for a week? And what were you thinking? That you didn’t want me to see you fight… Why would I not want to see you fight? Some girls get turned on by that ya know, seeing their man fight to protect them. But you don’t risk it. Instead you knocked me on my ass. What do you have to say for yourself?”"Have you ever seen a Reaper fight?" He looks at her, a great.
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