Valentine Gift From Best Friend Hard Loving Sex - Lisa Ann

“You’re being rude, my boy, she said softly. “After lunch, you will come to my office for a lesson in manners.” Again, I was shocked into silence for a few seconds. Then I mumbled:“Uhhh…I am sorry, err.. Ma’am. This game is new to me.”“It’s more than a game, sweetie,” Xenia said. “Much more. But you will learn quickly. Be brave. And be respectful.”Ariadne took out her credit card and handed it to me. “Okay. Preparations. We will take care of our own stuff. You, Andy, will get all the food and drink we need. Best of everything. Money no object. I want it all at my apartment Friday noon. On the dot. You will pack it in my car. Oh, and don’t forget chocolates. If you do, you’ll be in big trouble. Put it all on my credit card. Later, I will share the expenses with the girls.”“Yes…. Miss. What about my share in the expenses?”Jill patted my hand. “Silly boy. You’re our slave. Your contribution will be you.”My head was spinning. Was there a way out? Did I want to get out? I needed to talk. There is only one way out of it, said the smiling wardress you can come with me to the correction clinic and ask for strict sexual correction there in place of a night visit. Yes that’s what I want to do said Heather. Any one else asked the wardress, Jacinda, Samantha, Janet, all shook their heads.It was a decision Heather was to regret. She was quickly stripped strapped to a fucking Machine with a long vibrating probe up her bottom. Milking cups were attached to her breasts. So strong was the suction she eventually was aware that she was getting milked as her breasts throbbed and burned .The Machine just kept fucking at a steady pace self lubricating itself in liberal amounts. After only an hour Heather started to shout out the digital timer indicated she had three more hours to go. Please she screamed I have changed my mind please ,her scream changed to a deep moan as she again spunked and she saw more liquid from her throbbing breasts being drawn into the thin transparent tube.
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