Indian Aunty And A Young Guy

I can feel her hand reaching beneath the waistband of my briefs, her touch finding me eager and swollen. Her fingers are cold and her caresses make me take in my breath as even more blood rushes down to make me grow harder as her fingers wrap around me. In return I slide one hand under the cotton of her panties and roam her tender skin. I drop my other hand and with them both, slide her panties down over her thighs. They drop to the floor with a shift of her hips. Somewhere along the way my briefs find the floor as well. Together, kissing, fondling and caressing, we make our way to our bed. We are both urgent, needy. Now that I am free to, I kiss my way around her body. I kiss my way down over her neck to her breasts, taking a nipple between my lips, drawing a gasp from her. I kiss my way down to her stomach, drawing lazy circles with the tip of my tongue. I can hear her giggle as I tickle her lightly. Moving lower, I slide my tongue down to lightly brush over her, circling around. "Oh... Jeesh", she replied looking slightly embarrassed, "I thought you would be like most guys I know...". "Don't worry", I said laughing. "I bought some Vodka aswell". "Aww Grant... you're so nice!". My slight embarrassment and pleasure that I received from the compliment was all in all relatively obvious. It was now more than a sexual attraction. I really liked her company and her personality. In the car we talked mostly small talk. Our conversation graced over several things that were sex related, but mostly related to school, life in general, friends and trivial things such as music. When we got into the city the first stores we went to were the clothes stores. Personally I had no objection, being a pervert of sorts I had endless fun in imagining Charlie in some of he gorgeous outfits she was selecting, besides I had enough money with me to buy practically anything she wanted and I was also cunning and devious enough to get her to show them off for me, in a special way. In the.
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