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She was right, not that I was surprised. I pulled my text. Agnes and I read the story sitting hip to hip on her bed. We then went over the questions and talked about each one. We found our responses to be very close. She pulled out a small computer and typed her answers while I wrote mine out on a pad. She printed hers out. We were finished and would have them ready for in the morning.Agnes said, “We finished that, Eric. Now, let’s kiss for a bit.” I didn’t need a second invitation. We spent some wonderful time kissing and Agnes tried to melt her body into mine.We finally broke it off. I said, “Agnes, that’s a powerful incentive to get things done.”She smiled at me. “It’s just that it makes us slow to start the next thing on our list.”“True, history next?”“Yes, my Viking.” I handed her history text to her and looked at the syllabus. “We’re supposed to read chapters one and two for tomorrow. I sat back against the wall and started reading. Agnes curled up with her head in my lap. So I have thought about it for sometime and this morning confirmed my feeling about it.” With that she opened the robe and let it slip to the floor, there she stood in all her glory naked except for garter-belt hose and heels. “When I was younger I did not understand what was happening however I heard things from mom like: Yes Master, I love to suck your cock, please allow me to please you Master, I give myself to you Master, use me Master... and on and on now I am older and understand what was going on and daddy I am giving myself to you to use as you wish.”I sat there looking at her and remembering Sara when she would be my slave girl how she loved pleasing me. I felt myself becoming her Master as I looked at Kali.“Daddy can I be your slut, your whore, you slave? I promise I will do whatever you desire and be whatever you wish me to be. I have read about the Master slave relationship and that is what I desire to be, I desire to be used by you and owned by you. So please use.
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