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This is not to say that he is the CEO of any sexualencounter ‘ far from it. The fact is, his contribution in both materials andwork-done is minimal if the truth be known. In our casethat night however, I can tell you without a word of alie, what came to pass in that room was nothing lessthan a shared ecstasy.As I passed to her safekeeping my procreative frontline, she pulled her face away from me slightly andsmiled rather prettily. “You love me don’t you?” It came across as halfstatement, half question.“Now don’t start jumping to conclusions wench,” Imuttered, trying to slip one hand down her cleavageagain as I uttered the words.She pulled my hand out swiftly. “Be serious,” she said.“You do love me right??”I saw immediately the foolishness of my behavior andheld her to me.“With all my heart sweetheart,” I assured her. “You knowme….if I see an opportunity to be flippant, I kindaslip…. .The smile wiped off my face as I saw her naked on the bed with a manastride her. They didn't realise I was there - being in the throes ofenergetic and noisy sex. The man was about my age - 30, and was slimwith blond hair. I could have gone over to them, confronted them andmade a hell of a row, but I didn't. I looked at them for a few momentsfeeling numb and confused and then quietly closed the door.Going to our bedroom, I got down two suitcases, I packed a largeselection of clothes, shoes and other necessities and then, picking upsome personal stuff from the safe, I left the room, passing the sparebedroom as I heard some more giggles and moans, they were obvious to theworld and to my presence. I tried not to picture my wife in bed withsomeone else, just wondering how long she had been cheating on me. Goingdownstairs, I picked up my wallet, phone and keys from the kitchen tableand went out; closing the door behind me for what I knew would be thelast time.Driving off, I looked at the.
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