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One can only imagine how prized she would have been as the wife a an Indian chieftain back in the 1700 or 1800's. But, Hyapatia was a porn princess in the late 1980's and 1990's and she brought to the porn film industry the sultriness and sensuality that she'd have brought to the teepee of an Indian chief had she been born in that earlier day and time.One thing Hyapatia claimed was that she'd never engaged in interracial sex but as one interview writer wrote, actually whenever Hyapatia had sex with anyone other than an Indian, she was engaging in interracial sex. I think we all knew what Hyapatia meant, but it was worth a laugh picking at the fine details of her assertion.Hyapatia acted in her porn film projects with some of the best known male and female porn stars going. She was on camera with the likes of Tom Byron and many others, but it was my own acting experience with Hyapatia that, of course, meant the most to me. To be able to actually have a hot lusty fuck scene with. I smiled and replied "That's completely understandable, but may I ask youan question?' She replied "Of course" I said "Don't you also miss the taste?" The color seemed to fade fromher face, she made no reply but looked down at my crotch to see the startof an erection.As she dropped to her knees in front of me I heard her say" Oui" She took me in her mouth and with what seemed like constant suctionseemed to draw my cock further and further down he throat. Then she slidher lips over and over it. She was in no hurry and was extremely skilled.Eventually she slid a condom on it and went to work vigorously suckingand eventually sucked every bit of cum out of me. Without another word she went on to her next patient. She had the nerveto bill me for the appointment but there was a handwritten note with thebill asking if we could get together outside the office. I must say,after a steady diet of kinky sex with straight, gay and bi males I reallyenjoyed sex with Segolene.I made regular trips.
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