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I helped her up and we put our clothes on. Bindu gave me one last, long kiss, and then headed for the kitchen. Across from the kitchen was a small storage room. Bindu led me to it. We stepped inside and she locked the door. The room was full of boxes, old computers and other stuff that wasn’t being used but was too good to throw away, and a large, leather-covered armchair Sit down,’ she said to me. I did so, and sat on my lap. She was heavy of course, but I didn’t mind that. She kissed me, slipping her tongue in my mouth. My hand moved to her breast, but she pushed it away. I looked at her and she smiled.“They’re feeling a bit full,” she said, looking down at her tits. “Perhaps you can help.”She undid the cup holding her left breast. The big nipple was pointing at me, inviting me. I sat with one arm around her belly, and put my face to the breast, taking the nipple in my mouth. I began to suck, and milk filled my mouth. This time I was in no hurry. Bind us body felt so warm, and as I. She said that on purpose just to make fun of me. Mei became such a good friend in a short time. I liked her because she was very down-to-earth and understood the subtleties of our hobbies, and she made fun of the truly wrong things.One of the reasons she was a loner was that she didn't think a lot of people were smart. The number of stories that turned into drama in the fetish world turned her off; Masters that went too far or were taking thing too seriously, submissives that went down the rabbit hole and lost everything before discovering their top was a just douchebag, and people who were spending all their money on fetish gears, thinking credit cards were made to provide them with an infinite amount of cash forever until a recovery agency knocked at their door. Mei had seen too much and chose to limit the number of good friends she had not to get involved with the rest of human weirdness.I flopped on top of her for some hugs. Having a girlfriend was not something for me; I knew.
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