Barbarita Fsf

She wanted to do this in front of him. She wanted to feel exposed and naked. She wanted his eyes to explore her body in a way that a son should never see his mother. She was close to cumming.Carrie pulled her fingers out of her pussy and sucked her juices and spit off. Sweat was forming on her forehead and rolling down her neck and spine. The dark tattoo on her lower back was beaded with sweat.Carrie put her fingers back inside of her hungry pussy and grabbed her hair brush from the sink. Her favorite vibrator was in the bedroom and she didn't feel like interrupting her fun so this would have to do. She sucked on the smooth, round handle and left gobs of spit on it.In one smooth motion, Carrie leaned forward and slid the brush handle deep into her ass. The bristles poked her cheeks and sent tingles up her spine. Carrie held on to the brush head and worked it in and out and up and down while she continued fingering and jerking her pussy. Her eyes were locked on Chris. She couldn't. He was almost fully erect again.Deciding that it was best to sound casual, she added “Your mother looked to have a nice enough body.” “Yes, she has a nice body but you have a nicer pussy, it’s firmer and very…..neat.” Thu laughed, that’s exact what her husband said from time to time – he always says that I have lovely tits and a neat and delicious pussy.For a young boy, his tongue seemed very experienced as it explored the thick folds of her labia and wiggled into her vagina and stimulating her clitoris. Thu still held the boy’s cock as she lay back and enjoyed the garden view, the clear blue cloudless sky view, she thought of her husband relaxing to the caressing hands of the naked young girl at the massage place - it seemed like a perfect morning. As pleasant as it was being masturbated by the boys mouth, Thu really wanted his cock buried deep into her wet vagina. She gently moved his head up – he sucked her nipples pulling them and sucking her.Thu shifted his body and spread her.
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