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” Then he remembered that Pam wasn’t nearly so shapely, being rather thicker round the waist and with a smaller bosom. “But I like girls that don’t have… that aren’t… well, other types of girls!” He put his jacket behind him on the bed, hoping that the floppy disk wouldn’t fall out of the pocket. “And you’ve not got a girlfriend, have you?” Chris coughed. “No.” Pam sighed and looked away for a moment towards the dressing table mirror where the two were reflected, looking very nervous, and hugely ill-matched. She looked back at Chris and glanced down at his trousers where her gaze, Chris knew, penetrated through the denim and could see every vein of the penis pressing against his buttoned fly. “Sod it!” she suddenly said. “This is fucking stupid!” This was the first time Chris had heard an adult in real life, who wasn’t someone in the pub or at the bus stop, use one of those words he was still nervous about using himself, even with his mates. But this was nothing compared to the. ” After another embarrassing fifteen minutes of small talk, mainly from the vicar's wife, Jed went to shower and change into the clean clothes waiting for for him. Suzie was like a zombie, drawn to flesh with an odd hunger she could not control. Having finished her tea while Jed showered, she found herself once more at the door to the utilities room, peering through the gap by the hinges, the door not being fully closed. She couldn't see Jed, but the shower had stopped running. Then it happened. “You can see it better like this!” said the tramp as he opened the door fully from the opposite side. Suzie almost froze. Only her head moved, so she was looking straight at the hard cock in front of her. Was it a second or a minute before she was able to raise her gaze to his face? She would never know. Nor would she know why she let him take her right hand, and place it on his tumescence. What she did know was how firm, bumpy and warm it felt, and how her loins were suddenly in knots .
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