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“She is a little intimidating, don’t you agree?”“She has a commanding presence, almost like royalty. As the wife of a Royal Governor she must have been quite powerful. I thought your mother had some unresolved issues with her and your father took pains not to appear too familiar with her.”“I think Mother is a little jealous of Donna Maria. After all, she sailed to Cartagena as guest in my father’s cabin whilst Mother was married to that hateful Rupert Palmer.”“Do you think that your father and Donna Maria may have...” Ellen hazarded.“Oh my God, I never thought of that. She must have been young and very beautiful twenty years ago.”A thought struck Ellen.“You better be careful, Eleanor. Your Spanish Grande may just be your half-brother!”Eleanor almost shrieked in her embarrassment.“Ellen, you are so naughty! The thought alone! He does not look like my father at all, does he? Ellen, seriously! Please say something! Oh, you’re impossible!”Ellen was shaking uncontrollably in the fits of. . or, as I should start calling him: Ben. He has changed his name to Ben Porter, now. I spent the night Saturday, and learned still more about him on Sunday. For example, he had technology from the future!His car was amazing, as was his personal computer. He seemed to have a small arsenal to draw on, and I now had a way of communicating with him that was not only secure, but no government on earth yet had the technology to get to the frequency we now used. Even if they did, it was always coded and the codes were unbreakable by today's cryptographers. It involved an encryption process not yet discovered.Tom was an exercise nut. He had a route he jogged when he was here. I asked to join him, then looked at Courtney. She rolled her eyes at us and went back to drinking her coffee, and watching the local news."Health nuts," I had heard her mutter, as we left the house.I smiled at the memory, which got a response from Eric."Good weekend, Scott?" he asked interestedly.I nodded. Eric was a.
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