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He has never asked me that before. I shake my headno. I am bummed about this get a job crap. He flexes his arm in front of meand says feel that bicep. Thats a man's muscle. You know you like it. Youknow my body makes you horny. I feel his bicep and just touching the hardmuscle makes me weak.Luke says tell me more fantasies for yours. I say I told you most things. Idon't know what else. Luke pulls me over to the hallway where mom and dadcant see if they walk in. He leans over and kisses me. My hands are pullingat his shirt so I can feel his chest and abs. Luke breaks the kiss andpushes me away. He says now are you horny. I say yea. He says then from nowon when I ask if you are, you always say yes. He turns and walks to theden. I say we going up stairs. Luke says nah, maybe later. I stand in thehallway with a major hard dick and Luke isn't wanting to mess around.Needless to ay, I learned that Lesson. I reach into my shorts and pull mydick up so the head is in the waistband and held in. She put her arms around my neck and returned the kiss, mashing her lips against mine.We stayed lip-locked, our tongues slowly exploring each other. She truly had the softest mouth I have ever experienced, and kissing her – or doing anything else with her mouth – was incredibly sensuous.Meanwhile, my hands were roaming around her back, up to her shoulders and pulling her closer, then softly down her spine to her ass, playing with her buttocks, parting them, running my finger between them, then gently grabbing them with both hands and squeezing, then moving my hands up her sides, brushing the edges of my hands up her flanks, and flattening my hands against her shoulder blades, mashing her against me again.She shivered, and pulled my head harder to her, running her fingers through my hair, winding her arms around my head, then down the back of my neck, while her groin ground against mine, capturing my cock between her legs.She broke the kiss, and whispered in my ear, “May I please have.
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