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Perhaps in an emergency."That will only be a last resort," I stated. Mary gave an agreeing nod."Maybe we should summon Karen?" Sam asked."It will have to be the old way," I told her. "Without the Gift, I can't summon all the ghosts to fight for me."A grimace flickered across Sam's face. "Maybe you should do it, sir. You are stronger than us. Last time I did it..." She shuddered, and Candy patted her hand.Unfortunately, Karen was equally baffled. All she could say was, "My sight has been obscured in this matter. Heavenly forces move once more, Master."June 6th, 2054 – Mark GlassnerIt was after midnight when I stepped through the portal into the mansion. I had just left Paris. My little sister, Antsy, who administered Europe with Via, her wife, had captured a few agitators. The last few weeks, a strain had cracked across the Theocracy. People were snapping out of our control, questioning our authority, and trying to lure people to gatherings.It was worrisome. It seemed a few Nuns were. When I did this, it ended up putting my finger in with my palm up and I noticed there was slight smooth spot above it, so I was curious and rode my finger up it until I felt some small ridges. This immediately turned on the valve to her love juice and she stiffened her entire body as I moved my finger around in circles and rubbed this newfound area. She was now moaning loudly and thrusting her hips into my face very hard. I kept going with my tongue on her clit now and using my finger to increase her pleasure as much as I could. Suddenly she got very ridged and her entire pussy seemed to lock down on my finger. I was about to stop when she opened the flood gates on me, and I was getting showered in her love juices. It was amazing, even better than the night before and it was a large amount of cum she was letting out. She finally released my finger and I could see her pussy was literally grabbing at the vacant hole left. She was catching her breath now and said, “Who taught you to do.
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