Paiso Ke Liye Hot Patni Ko Karvani Padi Chudai

"Michelle, come on.You can't change back anyway, so we can at least enjoy the park.Besides, It's not permanent. Actually it's kinda cool. I always wanteda little sister."Michelle gave her a dirty look, crinkling her nose, but a smile escapedanyway. "Still throwing those twenty-eight minutes at me?"Mary smiled warmly right back at her. "They're still there, aren'tthey?" She looked at Michelle closely. "We're twins, and I'll always bethe oldest, even if we look a lot more alike now than we didyesterday." Mary looked out towards the park. "So, are you ready tocome and have some fun with the rest of us?"Michelle had thought it over and had already decided she might as wellenjoy the day. She'd already paid for the pass and was stuck as a girlfor the day either way. "Yeah, ok, I'm coming." She turned to the oldlady. "Ummm...I'm not sure thanks are in order, but thanks anyway." "You're welcome," the old woman said, smiling. "Don't worry Michelle,we do this for people more often than you'd. I told her one here, two there same as I told my mom, I guess I turned a little red and was stammering something about it was easy. Nicole was looking at me like she was reading my thoughts. "There is something more, what are you not telling me?" Nicole asked. "I can tell there is something you holding back, right?" "Nicole if I tell you, you have to pinkie swear you won't tell anyone not even Terry." "Ok, pinkie swear, but what can be as secret as watching my dad making love to my mom?" I told her what had happened to me last night and how much I had enjoyed it. Nicole's mouth was hanging open. "What? What? No your just putting me on." She said. One look at my smile and I think it dawned on her that I was telling the truth. "You sucked his cock and he licked your pussy, how old did you say he was, gross." "He is older than your dad I think, I came harder than when I masturbate myself and I've been wet all morning just thinking about it. And I beat you to it remember you.
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