Morden Baba Ne Wife Ko Choda

This was a change from the previous islands; we may have friends in charge here when we left and we didn’t want to completely destroy the city.Any building or property that attacked us, though, got cleaned out. Pillaged, looted, and burnt. Probably raped, too. The captured ships brought freed slaves from Hunter Island and the mainland, they brought any cargo or loot that the soldiers wanted to carry, and they brought more than a few women who probably weren’t rescued slaves.I had to mentally say “not my problem” and shrug. As long as they came from places that had attacked our men as they went by, they were probably the only survivors from their homes. It was either carry them off as loot, or kill them as troublemakers.It was getting on towards evening of our second day on station when Eaglet came out with orders to land Mayor Michael and his men, and then take the warships to sweep the rest of the island. We’d been talking about it, and Michael left four of his captains with us to. His hands trembled as he removed a long heavy package from his sling bag. Ghammal is a small bald middle-aged Egyptian with a thin mustache. “Thank be to Allah, you’re here, Christine.” He pushed the packet into my hands. “Hide this, please.” He got up, took both my hands, kissed it and said: “Meet me tomorrow morning at ten in the Chamber of the Dead. Bring the package with.” Before I could say or do anything, he was out the door. “What’s this all about?” Michael and I looked at each other, stunned. My biggest regret was that our most intimate moment was also gone like it never happened. I wanted Michael so badly that I could still taste his sweat. But the fear in Ghammal’s eyes haunted me. My love for Michael was put on hold again. That was how we got here, waiting for Ghammal. Now I remembered the parcel. Rummaging through my backpack I looked for the package to make sure it is still there. Ghammal didn’t show and it was now close to eleven. The traffic couldn’t be that bad this.
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