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"What did you... How did you do that?" Said Beth confused and afraid. Vlad gave a deep sigh and walked over and put Beth to sleep as well. At that moment he heard the door to house open and Rachel darted up the stairs screaming "VLAD! MOM AND DAD ARE ON THEIR WAY SO YOU..." Rachel froze at the sight before her. She saw her father on the floor with his eyes closed, her mother lying over him and Beth on the bed. Fear struck her hard and fast. "Vlad? What happened?" She asked in a scared tone. "They're fine I promise. They're asleep. Your parents walked in on me and Beth so I put them to sleep and wiped their memories. I'll set up a new set of memories for them." Rachel's fear subsided but was quickly replaced with anger. "You used magic on my family!? After I told you I didn't want you to do that!?" "Rachel I had to you need to trust me on that." Rachel had anger on her face and wasn't in the mood for listening. "I TOLD YOU! NO MAGIC ON MY FAMILY AND YOU COMPLETELY IGNORED ME YOU. Then I asked her if I could read her palm she agreed, and I held and gently pressed her hand acting to understand what her lines said she asked – kya likha hai mere haath mein? I told her, to be honest I don’t know Shikha, but I just wanted to touch your hand she moved away from me.I went close to her and asked, Shikha, may I hug you please she looked down and nodded gently.I moved a step ahead and embraced her in my arms, she remain unmoved and I could feel the softness of her breasts against my chest I then asked her, can I ask for a kiss please and without waiting for an answer kissed her on the cheek. Then I moved towards her lips and gave her a gentle kiss, she did not respond at all, I was totally confused, then I moved ahead again for a lip kiss and this time to my surprise,She opened her mouth and gave me a deep kiss. She was standing against the wall and our kiss continued for some time, and I gradually moved my hand under her sweater and touched her back but she moved my.
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