Desi Plump Fur Pie Eating MMS Sex Episode

“I thought you’d be headed home with Simon,” Riley said immediately. “Why is the plane going south.”“Let’s hope not,” I answered. “I’m not sure where I’m headed but Simon is in the cockpit.”“You found him?”“Angel led me right to him. I can’t arrest him and he was getting ready to take off. If I wanted to talk to him, I’d have to get on board. I got on board.”“So you are calling from the plane, but you don’t know where you are going?” In spite of having given me the information I needed to find Simon, Riley was getting a little exasperated with this wild goose chase. I can’t blame her. I’d have been in the nuthouse if she had pulled this kind of stunt.“I haven’t been able to ask yet,” I said. “Simon and Angel are both in the cockpit.”“Puts a whole new meaning on that term,” Riley snorted. It felt good to laugh.“Well, keep track of me, and if I call and say ‘where am I?’ just tell me, okay?”“Okay, Dag. Get some sleep.”“Hey, Riley,” I said before she hung up. “Go home. Battlestar. . A cum-bag... I'm a walking cum-receptacle... Just a fuckingcum-dump. I'm a cunt in need of a BUNCH of cocks... MMmm... I like yournightstick" she cooed as she picked it up and started licking it. "Do you likesluts?" Cumbag pulled down the 'CUM-CATCHER' top exposing her huge tits. Cumbagsmiled sexily at the cop, squeezing her tits and licking the nightstick. "Do youlike sluts with big tits? Oohh, I hope so... See... Cumbag has big slut-tits...Do you want to play with them?... Wanna play with the big slut-tits on thiscunt? That's what I am... I'm just a dirty little big titted slut-cunt... Youwould you let this little fuck-toy suck your cock?... Please?... I'm a goodlittle cock-sucker. I really am... Let me show you" she whispered as she stoppedlicking the nightstick and began to fuck her cunt with it. The Trooper grinnedas he pulled his huge cock from his pants. "Well little miss Cumbag, show me howgood of a cocksucker you are", he said pulling her head down. "Uuuhhmm... Yummy!I'd.
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