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She hugged me tight and said uncle you are great, we kissed and went to the drawing room and switch on the VCR and watching the Hindi move, Swathi sit in my lap, and the movie is also some thing sexy and the heroine exposing well in songs, and in one rainy song her half of boobs clearly visible and my cock is full erect, the heroine wears a white saree and its below her navel she is exposing her belly and navel, the hero some times hugged her and pressing her belly and rubbing his head on her boobs and kissed her cleavage, here we are very hot and I am pressing Swathi’s boobs and I put my hand under her T shirt and pressing her belly and navel, she is moaning ohhhh uncle uuuuuuu, uncle the song is very sexy, ohhhhh uncle uuuuu I asked her to remove the T shirt, she removed and throw it on the floor, I am pressing her boobs and twisting her nipples smoothly with my fingers, she is moaning uncle uuuuu, ohhhhh, yes suck my nipples, she hold my neck with her two hands and I am pressing. I'm not attracted to guys my age at all, but I find the cross-generation thing to be incredibly hot. I'm pretty masculine and dominant most of the time, but always wanted to sub to an older dom daddy. This is the story of the first time I got up the nerve to actually do it.I was 22 and in college. I was a regular lurker on craigslist, looking for older tops looking for younger. I'd email with a lot of them, occasionally put up my own posts, but invariably chickened out. I don't know what was different about this time, but it sounded like we had similar interests, we discussed what we both wanted, and I just said fuck it, let's do it. He worked nearby, so we set up a plan after very little chat, and met at his car in the parking lot in the middle of the day and went to his house. He was married, balding, and gray with a bit of a belly, about 55, aka exactly my type.I was nervous as hell. Here I was, 22 years old in a car with someone 30 years older, about to live out my most secret.
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