Komal Ko Techer Ne Yoga Karna Sikaya Aur Pel Diya

I said OK and headed for cinema hall. There I saw girls and boys coupling each other. This was strange experience for me.After seeing movies I headed for famous garden what I saw their invoked man in me and I got thirsty. I came back to home and brought rose flower. I started waiting for chance so I can give it to bhabhi. I got chance when bhaiya went out to get something probably Condom. I got Thanks from bhabhi with assurance of return gift. I again started thinking what gift it could be. I had dinner and got sleep while bhaiya and bhabhi were still awakened. Probably they were preparing to for valentine celebration.Around night 2:00PM I notice knock sound in my door. I opened my eyes and then again got sleep. Within 5 minutes again I notice knock in door. This time I got up and opened the door but find no one outside. I went to toilet. Zero bulb of toilet was ON and door was little open. I went in and saw bhabhi was on the toilet seat. Seeing me she immediately got up. For a. -If you like specific pages of this story, please click the thumbs up button on those pages, this lets me know which pages people like best, and I can hopefully use that knowledge to become a better author and write more of what you enjoy.-If/When you decide to leave feedback for an author, think of it this way: Writers LIVE for words of encouragement, "Thumbs Up" "Favorites" and other forms of positive feedback. Its like crack for writers, we'd sell our own mothers for a good hit. Alternately, comments that are negative without anything constructive to contribute, or a "Thumbs Down" is like a bad trip, many authors will become discouraged, or give up entirely in the face of this kind of feedback. So when you're leaving feedback, keep this in mind.-Please, dont be THAT punk who gives negative feedback, then never takes the time to give a little constructive criticism to explain why.-To all of you other readers who have bothered to read this far, I love you guys, I thank you all from.
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