POV - A Morning Delight With Your Hot Wife Jayla De Angelis

At least for now,’ she told herself. ‘And whores are expected to act indecently.’And so she did, taking the captain’s cock and guiding it to her mouth where she planted the smallest of kisses upon it.“Thank you, your Ladyship,” she breathed, planting a second kiss upon the smooth and swollen head, this one much less chaste. A third was quite wet and a bit sloppy, a fourth even sloppier, and then, for the second time in her life, Alice found herself with a cock in her mouth.“Good girl,” the captain praised, her hand resting upon the crown of her head, fingers clenching and unclenching as she fed the young woman more and more of her cock. As for Alice, she sputtered quietly, her face turning quite red as she struggled to take it in, her tongue sliding along its length, her saliva slipping from the corners of her mouth in a very unladylike fashion and dripping onto her small, but perky, breasts.“Play with yourself, Alice. It will make it easier.”And so she did, spreading her knees as. Lynn swung her legs up on the bed and settled back into the pillows. It wasn’t long before I lost my focus on the game. The distraction was Lynn smoothing lotion down her lower legs and onto her feet, and then touching up the polish on her nails with a little brush. She asked questions about the game like she used to do, only now I didn’t think she was doing it to be annoying. I think she really wanted to talk to me.“Oh shit,” Lynn suddenly exclaimed. “We forgot about the wine.”I nodded and waved my beer bottle at the wine.“You’re having beer? I can’t drink a whole bottle of wine by myself,” she complained.“No problem, “ I said, tipping up my bottle and finishing it.I poured us both a glass and Lynn got me talking about the old days during half-time. I muted the TV and didn’t notice when the game started up again. Lynn leaned across several times to clink glasses which rewarded me with a view of the upper part of the breasts I used to fantasize about, except now they were bigger, like.
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