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Matt's gaze rose slowly, taking in her slender waist and flat, firm belly, rising over her wonderful C cup breasts that were bared to the night air. As he finally met her gaze, she was smiling at him and her eyes descending down his nudity, then seeing his fully erect penis nestled in a brown patch of curly pubic hair, her smile turned to astonishment. Matt wasn't a small man between the legs. Matt turned away quickly, grabbing the sheet from the floor to cover him, and then glancing back to the window. By then, she had turned to face away from him, but hadn't stepped from the window; Matt could see that her shapely ass had a red tinge to the skin, her buttocks bright around the edges, with a deeper red toward their centers. She moved from the window as he watched her, her hips swinging slightly as she approached the side of her bed. Matt saw a small round paddle had been set there, a leather cord wrapping its handle. He stepped forward, drawing his shade, just as he saw her reach. It didn’t work, she just leaned into me. I pulled on the center, between the cups and on the side. She fell on me again. She was laughing now. I suddenly felt very hot as my face turned red. She said “I’m sorry. Reach in back and unhook me and put it on right.” To do this I had to put my arms around her, pressing my chest against her boobs. I unhooked it quickly. “The girls will love you.” She said, stepping back. I put one hand under a breast and pushed up, pulling the cup down over it. This was the first time I had ever felt the bare flesh of mulae. It felt soft but heavy. The underside was warm, maybe moist with sweat. My forehead was sweating and my heart was pounding. I had gotten a hard-on. I was starting to hurt inside my pants, all cramped up like that. I had to leave. Aunty said. “You did very well. I’m glad you helped me… ” Did she plan to talk all day? I almost said I liked touching her but instead “It’s OK. I liked helping. Anytime.” I mentally kicked myself. Why did I.
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