Today Exclusive -cute Village Girl Shows Her Boobs Part 2

Her wet skin felt soft and smooth against mine. She had utterly seduced me, body, heart, mind, and soul. It was time to stop pretending to myself. We were lovers in every sense of the word. I, Ralph Henry Walker, was in love with my friend's sister Summer.We fucked a little in the shower, but then washed up without cumming and resumed our sexual congress in her bed. I took Summer in the missionary position this time, my mouth kissing hers as we quite frankly made love now. This part wasn't the rough sex of the night before, not that I minded either one. They both had their place, but this was something that hadn't really occurred during my marriage. My ex was a cold fish, an ice princess compared to Summer, who had all of the warmth that her name implied.Summer and I lost track of time, of how long it took to cum, and of how many times each of us came. It wasn't just about physical pleasure now. It was about a new couple, madly engaged in the first rush of love. We were drained and. "My ever sweet and considerate Hal," she said softly. "They know it's going to happen, my love. Why didn't I wait to take it until after we'd become engaged or just a month before the wedding?" I ... I..." You've never done it before have you, my sweet?"He shook his head."Have you touched a girl's fanny?"He shook his head again."Oh, my Hal! I shall be your teacher and love every minute of it and you'll become the world's greatest lover."Hal smiled. "I already am. No one could love you more than I do." Oh, Hal! My sweet, gentle, darling Hal. Same here."Hal looked slightly surprised."Yes, Hal. I loved Garry and he loved me but he never cared for me and felt my worries and emotions like you do. You are a very, very special man and I'm a very, very lucky girl. Kiss?"Hal nodded. It started as a warm gentle one that grew in intensity and went on until both were breathless.Diana pulled back. "Ooph!" she panted. "What are you going to do to me when you move from my mouth?"Hal coloured but.
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