Beautiful Married Girl Affair

He switched from holding my legs to my hips, holding me down and fucking me silly. My nails dug into his back, which only made him go harder. The harder he went the more I moaned. My moans turned into screams as he fucked me with everything he had. He held a hand over my mouth to stifle my sounds of ecstasy, but it just turned me on more. His cock was perfectly stroking my g-spot and I couldn't take the pressure any more. I screamed and came, pushing onto him and arching my back.He took a break from fucking me to force me onto my belly. He shoved a pillow under my hips to elevate my pussy to the perfect angle. He straddled my hips and positioned his cock at my hole. Just before he put his cock back in me, he paused and savored the moment. He massaged my ass cheeks and scratched my back. His strong body pressed against mine. He pinned my arms at my sides and held my head down, his breath hot on my neck. "You love this, don't you?" he whispered. "You love being held down. You're so. " I think Kevin will do a good job. I've always liked him from a distance." Let's hope so, or there will be another job opening."Joann smiled, "You sound like the Iron Lady." Business is business." I agree."Sky walked out and smiled when she saw Joann. She went behind the bar and got herself another beer."I'm glad you could have a drink with us," Sky told her."My pleasure," Joann replied, "So I hear you and Kevin are moving to Colorado." Yes, my plane leaves on Sunday morning. Kevin is driving out in his new truck." Road trips can be fun." Not for me," Sky replied, "I want to fly in comfort."I wanted to move things along and got involved."Jo, can you keep a secret?"Her face got severe-looking, "They would have to kill me first before I'd tell anyone."Skylar was watching closely at this new turn in the conversation."Good," I said, "Skylar is going to stay with me tonight and tomorrow." Lucky you!" Joann said to Sky, "Your secret is safe with me." I believe you, and you are such a.
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