PVC Lingerie

She was fair and very pretty. Not using much makeup as her natural beauty was enough to attract anyone. Her age must be around 23-24 years. She had a perfect figure. She maybe 5.8 tall & Her boobs were medium sized, but her ass man. I have never seen such perfectly bubbled ass. They were big. I got a hard bone right there.She was fully wet due to heavy rains. I immediately went upto her and asked her for anything if she wanted. We then started talking casually about our lives. Her name was Heena .When she started speaking I was just analyzing her beauty. Her eyes were very pretty, her lips man, I just wanted to kiss her so badly when her lips moved. Her voice was heavy & also her face did had a little manly look, but guess what I even found out that sexy.I don’t know what was into me but I told her surprisingly that I want to kiss her. She was surprised , she told me that yes even she is attracted by me but she told that I can’t do it here in front of everyone. I asked her to wait. The talk soon got around to 'business' trips and the like and before we could stop him Jim began telling us about what he and his secretary got up to at their most recent conference in Brum ! The smutty details didn't seem to faze you so the talk quickly got more explicit. I was aware that Greg was having a crafty feel up as he pressed close to you; not that you indicated anything by your calm demeanour. Greg turned to me and showed me a couple of glistening fingers..." Fucking hell....she's only got split-crotch panties on !", he whispered before turning back to get another feel. That was too much ! I knocked a coaster onto the floor and leant right over....he was right ! I the gloom under the table I could see Greg's hand plastered between your spread thighs. He eased his hand away to give me the unobstructed view of those red split-crotch panties and the dark shadow of your pubes above a decidedly moist and gaping slit. I dropped to my knees and shuffled closer...I could smell you.
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