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In a tiny French maid type things says Please come in Mrs. is waiting for you.Entering the house it is very big and just looking at the stuff it screams MONEY out loud. Kim is lead to a woman maybe 50yrs but with looks that could pass for 39yrs. in a dress that is cut very low and the sides of her massive tits are bear to see Kim is stun by the size and when the lady hugs her those tits are pressed into her face again the moaning engulfs the house and the lady says please have a seat, as they sit Barbie (the lady) offers please forgive the noise we are training a new ah a well again sorry for the noise. Kim lays out her papers and they go through them together as they are about done there is a knock and the maid tells something into Barbie's ear. Honey could you please give me a minute? She leaves the room and in the hall voices are heard. The doors are thrown open and there is Fran naked ball gag in her mouth an other woman is pulling on her nipples hard also spanking her redden. Meanwhile Martin must have been having similar dreams as his cock had stiffened in his boxers and were now tenting his tight fishing trousers as if seeking a place to escape. I moved closer fascinated by how Big it appeared and before I could stop myself reached out to gently touch him through the material. Even with such a light touch he seemed to stiffen even more so I moved my fingers up and down lightly liking the feel of his harness to my fingers. Suddenly he opened his eyes, saw what I was doing and smiled. “I,ve always been curious if you liked men, too, Joe. Why don,t you take it out and have a proper feel?” I smiled back sheepishly. “I just couldn,to resist your big cock, Martin, sorry!” “Don,t apologise, Joe, I like you just as much. We can play with each other for as long as we want. Fishing can wait!” “There,s only one ROD I want to hold now Martin and I have it in my hand!” I sighed and began to stroke him properly. Meanwhile he,d moved slightly so he could release my.
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