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That was what was strange. Danny moaned and started to wake up. What was happening to me? Danny opened his eyes to look for the knife, but then saw it was Lizzie all along.Danny turned his head, popping his ear lobe out from Lizzie's hungry mouth and kissing her full on the lips. Her mouth tasted strange, somehow bitter. Since he had just woken up, it took him a moment to realize what that meant. He saw the empty coconut on the floor and strengthened his kiss while his hands roved all over Lizzie's body.Danny broke the passionate kiss and said, "Princess! You and I are wearing too many clothes for this to be as fun as it could be." His hands fumbled with the buttons on her dress then pulled it over her head. She looked so beautiful.Elizabeth:As Lizzie sucked on his lobe, he turned his face toward her. Soon their lips were locked together in a passionate kiss. Elizabeth saw his eyes searching the room then lock on something. He had seen the empty coconut, she took it. His hands. I say “ I’ll be right back heading to the restroom I realize I may not be safe to party much more and drive home I love walk back in the rom to let y’all know I’m going to leave I notice money on the table, then I see that everyone is looking at me and you say sit down we need to talk so I come in figuring it will be quick and it is at that moment the tv catches my eye with porn on and I say damn that dude is fucking the hell out of that fat ass watching this big thick dick pound away while we conversate I’m told that if I don’t want everyone to know then I will be your slut every time I’m invited over and it clicks realizing that is my bed and you recorded yourself fucking and breeding me. The money is your friend payment to you to use me wanting to save my family I submit so I throw back some big drinks to loosen and up before you begin to have your way with me inserting your dominance in front of your friends it only takes a minute for me to begin to moan as you are going balls.
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