Village M O M Son Quick Mid Night

As I went deeper and deeper into our babysitter, a few more tears leaked out the sides of her eyes. Before I could say anything she told me she was fine and that she was just so happy that she couldn’t help but cry. Babs told her that she was the same way when she became a woman. Eventually I worked my whole cock inside her very tight pussy and just held it there. I could feel the tip press against her cervix and my balls rested on her gorgeous little round ass cheeks. After giving her a few moments to get accustomed to me, I began to gently work my way out and back in and set a slow rhythm. The look in her eyes told me that she was lost in the moment and that she was close to having her first cock caused orgasm. Her pussy was already quite tight, but it started getting tighter and made it difficult to keep up my rhythm. Alex’s back arched, her head lifted up and she had an intense grimace on her face as her body shook from head to toe from her orgasm. It was everything I could do to. I went home and put the CD in my computer and it was a film depicting both men and women in a “sex swing. A sex sling is a four pole device with a leather seat that was held up by four chains. It was designed like a Roman couch but it was about four feet off the ground so you lover could choose to put either is cock in your pussy or your ass. It had cuffs that went around your wrist and ankles that were attached to the chains with a clip so your legs were raised high and your upper body was held steady as your lover fucked you. Now, I knew why I was going to get paid so much. You have to trust your partner completely to not hurt you because you are chained to the sling and are very vulnerable. I called Carla back and asked “is this woman OK, or is she some kind of BDSM freak. Carla said “no her late husband and her used the swing and she just misses the feeling of getting fucked on it. I said “sure I’ll do it, what is the clients name and address”. Carla said, her name is June and.
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