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Rather than waiting Leanna told me I should have just went in the room and we could have played dress up; then one thing led to another and she was dressing me. Starting with having me lift my skirt and insulting the bulge in my panties (I was wearing my "sissy" panties I stupidly didn't think about the bulge) Like an obedient slut I first tried on Leanna's lacey black panties with the bow on the back as instructed, they looked sexy and tucked away the bulge, but then I was told to try on a pair of pink cheekinis that she said look best. She then had me try on a glittery silver skirt to go with my tied button up. To complete the outfit she had envisioned for me Leanna had me walk around the apartment in black pleather thigh high - heeled boots after that, I've never worn something that made me feel like such a hoe before. I really felt like such a slut while prancing around the apartment being told I walked like a natural in them. Leanna said she couldn't even manage to stand up in. 1841 - 1849BELOVED DAUGHTER"So very young and tender,Innocent forever in repose,Taken from my loving arms,Sweet flower doth lost compose."Marie knew them all, knew their strengths, their weaknesses, their human shortcomings. Yet she loved them all like her very own children. She felt their presence ever more and never less.Just then, her Hep Cat adviser, Michael, came up to her and whispered into her ear."Mamaam, your Sweet Lovie in the misty place. I fear her time be near."Sweet Lovie was the nickname Marie had given to the newest of her hand maidens. Her real name was Dulcinda and she was from the deep back Bayou country. A place so remote and so hidden from civilization that even the birds in the sky lost their sense of direction.Dangerous Snake Country.Fearful creatures moved restlessly - a bump in the silver mooned night.Marie was always at home there and several of her hand maidens were also deep Bayou girls.She knew the clan codes insured their virginity and the girls were.
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