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"I want to show you some things that you might not be aware of. Now rest your hands on top of the terminal."Tasha did as she asked and Rosie closed her eyes. Her image began to slightly flicker and fade."Rosie? Are you okay?" Tasha started to get concerned."I'm fine my child. I was just absorbing your essence. It's something Garth's Grandfather programmed into me, but until my power reserves were fully recharged, I couldn't access the necessary programs." What do you mean, absorbing my essence?" She returned to the bunk."My programming has the ability to collect your thoughts and then extrapolate them to show you the truth. Kind of like a virtual fly on the wall."Rosie closed her eyes again. A holographic image began to form in the middle of the room. Very fuzzy at first, it quickly resolved itself into a small office. A desk and two chairs took up most of the space."That's the principle's office at my school." Tasha was excited. It was like watching a movie of her life.A man. It was the pill’s fault. I wasn’t in control any longer. It had taken over my lusts. Until my week in the Program was over and I could stop going to school naked, I couldn’t fight the pill. I tried. I struggled my best and then... Then it just clicked in my mind.The pill controls me.I relaxed after that and just embraced it. I left behind my physics class to masturbate in the futas’ restroom. After I came, I decided to surrender to the lust I’d had all week for that bitchy Shelena. She was a horrible, bully futa, but she had that big, Black dick. She sent me pics of it all week. Of her fucking other White girls, promising me how much I’d cum on her cock.I decided to find out. It was what the pill wanted.It had been glorious. She fucked me like a little slut from behind. I was bent over the toilet, my thick, blonde bush soaked with my juices. She had rammed her ebony shaft into my cunt and popped my cherry. I came hard on her clit-dick and she flooded me with cum.The same cum I had.
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