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I smiled. “She woke up two days ago, the same day you came here. About two hours before you arrived and we found out.”“Is she ok?”“Yeah, just a whole bunch of bruises and several broken bones. She’ll be good as new in like nine months.” I frowned at that. “She’ll heal all along though, so in a month or two, all her bruises will be gone and most of her body will be pretty decent, just healing bones and physical therapy after that.” I smiled. Then thought some.“I thought we weren’t allowed to be around each other?” I said, waiting for an answer.“Dad changed his mind,” she paused. “When Corey woke up, he was really happy. When he heard about you, he went away for the rest of the day. In the morning, he woke me up and asked me how I felt about you. I said everything, I loved you, you were my life. He said we could be together than.”“What about your mom?”“She was really mad when I first told her. But when daddy found out and went crazy, she started protecting me. She said. I heard him pull his cock out.He licked his hand and spread the saliva over the tip of his cock. With that, the precum, and how wet I was he slid right in me.“Mmmmm,” I moaned. “That feels so good,’“I love you,” he said. Then he joked, “I guess we’ll be giving this up for awhile.”“Yeah,” I mused. “Maybe we need a couch in the bedroom.” I joked.“How about some of those sex pillows? We could try all sorts of new stuff with them,” he laughed.As he did he was thrusting his cock in and out of me. It felt good.“I’m sure Katie would love that,” I replied. “Why don’t we also leave sex toys strewn around the room..He started fucking me harder. I gasped, but got the rhythm. We fucked for a few minutes. The only sounds were my moans as his cock made my pussy wetter and wetter.“I’m going to miss this,” I said breathlessly.“Me too,” he answered.Just then we heard a car door. Dave pulled out of me and we quickly adjusted our clothes. Just in time. Katie walked in the door.I ran to her and hugged.
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