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She gasped as he found her already-hard clit and began to work it. Anitha found herself grinding her hips against his hand, wanting to fuck his probing, thick fingers. Satish had taken off his clothes and was now watching them intently. She met his eyes with a sly grin. Are you enjoying this baby? She thought. Now Rajesh helped her out of her panties and pushed her back into satish’s lap, gently opening her legs and nuzzling his way down to her crotch. Anita sighed with pleasure as his tongue plunged into her cunt, soft wetness against wet softness. Rajesh inserted two fingers and began to massage her g-spot while he lapped. Satish reached down to suckle her breast, his familiar mouth contrasting with the strangeness of the one at her pussy. This, she thought. This is pure bliss. She reveled in their tongues against her flesh, in their eagerness to taste and smell her. She Wanted to come then and there, but it was too soon, too soon. Reluctantly, she pushed them both away.“Stop,” she. I could have easily held her even completely comatose, maybe even while struggling, but I didn't. She kissed my chin and then my neck. Her fingers danced over my back, taking in the subtle curves of muscles that I had just used. She continued to descend, laying kisses and licking my skin as if she were tasting my need as I had hers. I let her go completely as she knelt. Her eyes stayed with mine as she kissed me between my navel and lower things. I didn't need the marks to know where she was going. It was in her eyes.She glanced down and her hands traveled around me, bringing her attention to sharp focus on my rigid cock which stood straight and proud. I could almost feel her gaze move up and down my length before I felt her hands copy the sensation. We were positioned sideways to the mirror over the sink and with my height and the angle I could watch her face as she took in the sight of my strong and hard phallus. I almost felt like I was watching her with someone else, it almost.
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