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I heard someone new moved in, just thought I’d come over and introduce myself.’ He quickly removed his hand from the door frame, suddenly losing the confidence he had started out with. Those green eyes suddenly making him nervous. No longer his usual Mr. Smooth. ‘Oh right, well, I’m Sophie,’ she hesitated, and then smiled broadly ‘would you like to come in for a drink?’ Jack shifted nervously, peered over her shoulder before agreeing to come in. He couldn’t help admiring the view as she turned her back to lead him inwards, her smooth upper arms, the curve of her round bum and her small waist cinched in by her tight vest top. He had seen her the day she moved in, pouting with her full lips, a small smile spreading across her face as she walked up the steps to her new apartment. He had already checked out her curvy figure from afar, registering her full breasts in the dress she wore, her dark hair cropped at the neck in a stylish bob, her legs smooth and alluring. He had realised she. She could ride him as if on a bucking bronco, but without falling off.Once she had satisfied her hunger for cock head in her throat, she pushed Robert back and straddled him, grasped his dick and sat on it as if he were a Sybian vibrator and there she stayed, writhing and rubbing herself against him, getting her self off and paying no attention to him.Under no illusions that he was, in his role, little more than his customer's temporary plaything, Robert was mostly okay with that. But, this was an out an out use of his body for her pleasure and hers alone. It was the first time that Robert felt used and he wasn't sure he liked that so much."Cmon big boy, fuck me will ya?" The fact that he was trapped beneath her seemed to have eluded her completely, but Robert managed to thrust up, bearing her weight momentarily. Her pelvic thrusts drove him back down, grinding him into the bed as her tempo increased. At last, she was getting there and hastened her climax with her fingers rubbing her.
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