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I wanted us to get to a sizable city and turn that load in to some government office in return for cold, hard cash. I already knew from watching those around me that the Wells Fargo banking system was the safest in the world and that once the funds were transferred to their safekeeping, the need for concern would be a memory of the past.Our transference of allegiance from the Northwest Pacific railroad system down to the Central Pacific headquarters was both a relief and a regret at the same time.I was relieved because my future memories of my studies of the past led me to believe the entire Northwest Pacific project was corrupt and ineffective. The concept as constructed in those years before the American Civil War by none other than Jefferson Davis, the eventual leader of the Confederate States of America emphasized the importance of the northern tier of geographical states as being the true anchor of a nation rooted in strategic superiority. His southern roots were strong but as. She just had to sit through the rest of this lecture, or instructions, or whatever the fuck Niles was talking about.Then she could go to the bathroom and calm herself down with a quick cum. And then perk herself up again with a quick snort.Hurry the fuck up, old man.Duncan’s hands were twisting anxiously.It all suddenly made so much sense.He’d been so confused, so stressed ... and then so proud when he’d worked out he was gay.And now, he realized it was all completely false.His sexuality, his ... feelings. All of it, implanted by some unknown force, for whatever stupid reason the evil forces of Antioch messed with people.As Niles spoke, Duncan found himself flushing with excitement. The British man’s voice had elicited such pleasure from him over the past few days, whether he was berating Duncan or showing a rare moment of tenderness.All fake. All of it.Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Brandi slowly crossing her legs. He turned his attention to her, hoping that seeing her.
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