Today Exclusive- Priya Bhabhi With Lover 69 Style

You begin to moan softly and then pull away, telling me a little breathlessly to sit down in the chair. When I do, you dim the lights and begin slowly to undress, unbuttoning your blouse, button by button. Finally, I see that you're wearing a flimsy red bra that is close to transparent. Next you unzip your skirt and let it fall to the floor. Underneath, you have a matching red thong, a garter belt and stockings.I'm unable to move as you approach, reach out and begin to unbutton my shirt. You remove it. Then kneeling in front of me, you unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. I raise my hips slightly as you slowly pull them down and toss them aside. I'm harder than I've been in years. After you look into my eyes for a moment, you lower your head and slowly kiss the tip of my cock. Then you open your mouth and take just the head between your lips, sucking hard on it for a moment before continuing down. I'm surprised that you take the entire length with no problem. You move up and down, at. But Adriana scoffed, flipped him the bird, and busied herself with gathering the books she had dropped, face burning from something that was not the summer sun. She didn’t look at Felix again but heard laughter as he was joined by a group of his cronies in a chorus of complaints that he runs too much. The air-conditioned library did nothing to stop the heat that was spreading between Adriana’s legs. She couldn’t stop thinking about that body, those legs, what was between them. She walked past a bookshelf and wondered what it’d be like if he came in right now, demanding her body and not taking no for an answer, pushing her against the stacks, his mouth on hers...his mouth on-“Adriana!” Coming to, Adriana looked around and found the source of the voice. Her coworker and friend Sally. Sally was from Scotland and had the biggest appetite Adriana had ever seen, which was strange because Sally was five foot nothing and as curvy as she was tall. Compared to Adriana’s busty but strong self,.
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